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Northwest Region

There are eight major divisions to the state. The North West, North East, Kansas City, Central, St. Louis, South West, Ozarks, and South East. Every region has something to offer to you if you can take the time to really study an area. In the North West region, some of the cities better known are, St. Joseph, Kansas City, Lee’s Summit. Up and coming are Raymore and Grain Valley.

Raymore is called the Garden Spot of the State. It is located in Cass County and is only 23 miles south of central downtown Kansas City. It is a very easy commute and is one of the reasons Raymore is the third fastest growing city in Missouri! It ranks in the top five communities based on the monthly residential building rates. By the end of 2005, the projected growth will be 15,500 and is projected to reach 20,000 by the 2010. The median household income is $56,000. The fact that family households rank 79% of the Raymore population indicates it is a family based town. The average price for a two to three bedroom homes is $114,000 to $182,500. Lee’s Summit and Grain Valley are also listed in the top ten fastest growing cities in Missouri. Of the two cities, Grain Valley is the smaller with a population of 6,991 in 2003. The median income is $50,118 and the median value of a house is $99,000. Lee’s Summit however has a population of 70,700. The median income is $60,905 and the median value of a home is $131,700. Both are within a short drive to downtown Kansas City with all it amenities.

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